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To new beginnings and career advancement!

Well I started my higher studies in 2011 doing my diploma in culinary arts, I was extremely excited as that is what I always dreamt of, being a chef in a famous restaurant cooking up a storm plating authentic or unique dishes in the state of art! After completing my diploma with a span of 1 year training in the pastry kitchen learning to handle small to large functions.. Full of challenges but I did enjoy it:.. Who knew I would not continue being a chef anymore !!! Hahahahaa

Soon after completing my diploma and my training I skipped graduation for only one reason to pursue my life long education in degree to want my bachelors ! Being able to hold my bachelors of honors with pride and glory and say to my parent I did it !! 2 years of pain and sweat; not forgetting lots and lots of gruesome torturing that I got from my lecturers (tortured in a good way btw ;-)), it made my learn and grow in many aspects in life from maturing to growth of knowledge ...  
At the end of the sem of May 2015 I…

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